Useful Or Unique- Choosing The Right Gift

Choosing the right gift for Dads can be tricky, I think we all have experienced that before. Some guys are just difficult to shop for. Here’s an angle that may help though- do you go unique or useful? Both have merits, so let’s take a look.

Useful gifts for Dads

The useful gift route is pretty cool because if you can legitimately narrow down a particular need, the Dad in question will look upon you with the same adoration as when he tasted prime rib for the first time. And that’s awesome.

Remember there are all types of Dads with a million different needs, so you probably have your work cut out here. Whether it’s a new hammer, new grilling tools, a bigger cup for coffee, or even a flat screen TV, spend a few weeks observing and then pull the trigger.

Want to really up your game in the useful area? Get something to solve a problem he hasn’t even thought of yet. Really surprise that mofo and you’ll achieve stratospheric levels of impressiveness. Ideas could be a new multi-tool that he just can’t stop using, a remote control snow plow or even some noise cancelling headphones for those long haul flights. Again, observing is key.  Generally you’ll hear about it if a Dad really needs something, so go a different direction.

Obviously it’s up to you when you present the gift- Christmas or birthdays are probably the best time. Father’s day is good too, but may not have the same stature as the others. Depending on the shock factor you’re planning, keep the bigger occasions in mind!


Unique gifts for Dads

Unique and interesting is always good. And there are tons of unique gifts for Dads out there. Interesting doesn’t have to mean boring btw. Check out some of these ideas we’ve put up recently. You’ll see that they pretty much all have that ‘cool’ factor, like ‘hey that’s cool’. Most of the time these unique gifts are things you wouldn’t have thought of before seeing them, but man they do the trick.

The benefit of getting something unique is that you can come totally out of left field and don’t have to worry about what Dads are interested in that much. As long as it does the job of making him smile and talk about it with his friends at the golf course, you’ve done your job.

Here are some other unique gift ideas that I’ve seen recently:

  • Stuff that’s personalized with his name (think beer carriers etc)
  • Wall mounted fish (swordfish, tuna etc) always makes a statement
  • Limited edition whiskey from a small distillery in Scotland
  • 4k/HD birdhouse camera for those ornithologists
  • 3D map of your local area with elevation etc

The bottom line

Look, whether you go useful or unique, Dads will appreciate you getting them something. But really go the extra mile with something that stands out as plain awesome and you’ll be onto a winner!