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Natural Olive Oil Soap

  • Natural Olive Oil Soap

    Know a smelly Dad? Get them this olive oil soap and tell them how you really feel. No more elephants in the room! It's natural btw.

    Wooden Fishing Box

  • Wooden Fishing Box

    This wooden fishing box is perfect for man caves and more. Crafty and really quite nice, Dads can store all kinds of stuff in it.Amazon DescriptionA Day Without Fishing is Like a Day Without Sunshine!Growing up, I remember every day when my dad came home from work.... the first thing he did was empty his ...

    Go The F**k To Sleep Book

  • Go The F**k To Sleep Book

    When new Dads are all out of ideas, this book is the perfect way to put a screaming baby to sleep. Just f*****g try it!Amazon Description"Nothing has driven home a certain truth about my generation, which is approaching the apex of its childbearing years, quite like this." --The New Yorker"A parenting ...

    Ultimate Party Glove

  • Ultimate Party Glove

    Just because it gets cold out doesn't mean Dads have to stop enjoying beer. Get them the ultimate cold weather party glove!Amazon DescriptionTailGator Beverage Gloves - High Quality Winter Gloves + Stow Away Beverage HolderJust because you are enjoying a cold beverage doesn't mean your hands can't be ...

    Powerful LED Bike Lights

  • Powerful LED Bike Lights

    These powerful LED bike lights really help improve safety for cycling Dads. They're bright, and they work!Amazon Description3 Stage 400 Lumen Front Light:The Mengo front bike light is fully adjustable to fit any bike. The silicon strap provides a strong grip and engineered to fit small and bigger bike ...

    Damaged Screw Extractor

  • Damaged Screw Extractor

    Help a handy Dad out with this damaged screw extractor. Stripped screws are annoying, so make dealing with them easier!Amazon DescriptionA Much Needed Tool for Anyone Who Works with Screws: As someone who constantly has to deal with projects with rusted bolts and screw heads,snapped off bolts and a host of ...

    Die Hard Christmas Book

  • Die Hard Christmas Book

    Die Hard is a Christmas classic. This book tells the story with amazing illustrations and action-packed prose- machine guns and all!Amazon DescriptionA delightful Christmas storybook for adults based on the action-packed Die Hard movieAll John McClane wants for Christmas is to reunite with his estranged ...

    Classic Beard Oil

  • Classic Beard Oil

    This classic beard oil was designed to be 'better than oil'. Give a Dad you know the best of the best. Look good, smell good, beard good.Amazon Description“Better than an oil” We coined that phrase when we first released our beard balm online years ago. Before then we only sold our products at flea ...

    Hair Forming Cream

  • Hair Forming Cream

    This hair forming cream is a throwback to the 50s and works well for all hair types. Men like this kind of stuff. Approved by The King.Amazon DescriptionEasy to use styling cream works well for all hair types. Forming Cream provides hold, excellent pliability, and a natural shine. This product also ...

    Hair Pomade

  • Hair Pomade

    Hair pomade gives a nice hold and shine. Dads can look totally dapper. It's even sweat proof so crushing deadlifts at lunch works too.Amazon DescriptionReuzel Grease is a versatile wax and oil based product that allows you to control its strength and degree of shine. Reuzel Grease is strongest when applied to ...