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Damaged Screw Extractor

  • Damaged Screw Extractor

    Help a handy Dad out with this damaged screw extractor. Stripped screws are annoying, so make dealing with them easier!Amazon DescriptionA Much Needed Tool for Anyone Who Works with Screws: As someone who constantly has to deal with projects with rusted bolts and screw heads,snapped off bolts and a host of ...

    Handy Dad Tool Kit -6%

  • Handy Dad Tool Kit

    This handy tool kit had a power drill and 68 other accessories. Some Dads love DIY, some don't, but everyone needs tools. Get 'em this.Amazon DescriptionThe Black & Decker LDX120PK 20V Lithium Drill & Project Kit is a great kit for a variety of home projects. Includes 20V Lithium drill, which ...

    $74 $79.97 Check it out
    Screwdriver Pen Multi-Tool

  • Screwdriver Pen Multi-Tool

    The screwdriver pen pocket multi-tool is 7 tools in 1. Strong, manly and pretty ingenious, it’s a great gift for handy dads.Amazon DescriptionCould You Ever Carry A Whole Toolbox In Your Back Pocket? – Now You Can!Discover the most innovative, practical and space-saving way to carry 6 different tools at ...

    Magnetic Wristband -33%

  • Magnetic Wristband

    This magnetic wristband is a handy dad’s dream. No more metal mouth and losing stuff mid project. Strap it to your wrist and go at it.Amazon DescriptionHave You Had Enough With Trying To Reach For Your Screws, Nails And Nuts While Trying To Repair Something? Would You Like To Keep Everything Neatly Stored ...

    $12.99 $18.00 Check it out
    Bamboo Lounge Chair

  • Bamboo Lounge Chair

    A cool looking chair that's comfortable as hell and great for decks, dens and Dad only zones. Take a load off and catch some zzz's.Amazon DescriptionRattan Papasan Chair with Cushion. This papasan chair is softer than you remember. What makes our papasan chairs different? A gloriously thick, furniture-grade 8" ...