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Beard Grooming Cape

  • Beard Grooming Cape

    Know a Dad with a beard? Keeping that thing in check can be messy. So get them this awesome beard grooming cape to catch clippings!Amazon DescriptionTIME SAVING - Catches your Beard, Mustache, Sideburns, Goatee and hair trimmings to allow an easy disposal. No Mess, No Clogged Drains, NO MORE CLEANING. ...

    Natural Olive Oil Soap

  • Natural Olive Oil Soap

    Know a smelly Dad? Get them this olive oil soap and tell them how you really feel. No more elephants in the room! It's natural btw.

    Four Piece VIP Grooming Kit

  • Four Piece VIP Grooming Kit

    Get this VIP grooming kit which lets Dads wash, exfoliate, shave and moisturize. Yes, hunks care about skin too. Keep one lookin' good.

    Traditional Safety Razor -41%

  • Traditional Safety Razor

    This traditional safety razor is double edged, hefty, old skool and plain awesome. Sharper than sharp. Don't shave it for later, get it now.Amazon DescriptionMerkur Futur 23C Long Handle Safety Razor is the razor for man-sized hands. With its long handle that is four inches long, you will be given a ...

    $22.98 $37.00 Check it out
    Classic Beard Oil

  • Classic Beard Oil

    This classic beard oil was designed to be 'better than oil'. Give a Dad you know the best of the best. Look good, smell good, beard good.Amazon Description“Better than an oil” We coined that phrase when we first released our beard balm online years ago. Before then we only sold our products at flea ...

    Ultimate Back Shaver

  • Ultimate Back Shaver

    Some Dads have hairy backs. The ultimate back shaver is the solution with its extreme reach handle. Say goodbye to cramp and gorilla hair!Amazon DescriptionIntroducing the MANGROOMER - ULTIMATE PRO Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver, our best-selling and most advanced back shaver, built after more than ...

    Shave Head Body Groomer -26%

  • Shave Head Body Groomer

    Keep a Dad looking his best and not get cut in the process with this shave head body groomer. It's actually a really cool idea.Amazon DescriptionThe Philips Norelco Body groom 3100 (Model # BG2034) allows you to trim and shave conveniently and safely below the neck. The extended-reach back attachment ...

    $29.95 $39.99 Check it out
    Hair Forming Cream

  • Hair Forming Cream

    This hair forming cream is a throwback to the 50s and works well for all hair types. Men like this kind of stuff. Approved by The King.Amazon DescriptionEasy to use styling cream works well for all hair types. Forming Cream provides hold, excellent pliability, and a natural shine. This product also ...

    Hair Pomade

  • Hair Pomade

    Hair pomade gives a nice hold and shine. Dads can look totally dapper. It's even sweat proof so crushing deadlifts at lunch works too.Amazon DescriptionReuzel Grease is a versatile wax and oil based product that allows you to control its strength and degree of shine. Reuzel Grease is strongest when applied to ...

    Hair Wax

  • Hair Wax

    This hair wax is a great gift to keep a Dad looking his sharpest. It's wax so can be used for various styles, texture and volume. Fabulous!Amazon DescriptionA defining emollient wax for men. Helps hold and style hair for a natural finish. Formulated with beeswax, cera caranauba and a blend of polymers. Offers ...