About Us

We’re Hunks. Any Questions?

Professional wrestling, deadlifts, all the steak and Waistcoat Wednesdays. These are just some of the things that forged the friendship of two of the greatest hunks in our zip codes. We like man things and we also have Dads who like man things. Hence, Cool Gifts For Dads.

The Mayor of No Fun arrived in the USA on a prisoner exchange program. Released shortly after for ‘excessive pushups’, it turned out his only crime was trying to bring the turtleneck back. Years later, guess what’s a common sight in men’s fall fashion lines. A keen advocate of the Go Big Or Go Home mentality, he can be found eating BBQ, trying to be the next Bruce Lee and making floral look good. He once purchased a series of cooking books for his wife on valentines; it did not end well.

Pu$$ylorde (a music phenomenon) is a true renaissance man with years of prisoner pen-pal experience under his belt. He was once the official magician for the Florida Marlins.

Want to know more? Here’s a quick-fire FAQ:

Q. What workout regime do you follow?
A. Sun’s out gun’s out.

Q. What’s your opinion of Miami Vice? Is that a good look?
A. Yes. Go all-in on anything 80s.

Q. Should I order the petite fillet?
A. If it’s cutting season, sure.

Q. What’s Waistcoat Wednesdays?
A. A weekly celebration of high fashion for hunks.

Our aim is to present a range of cool stuff that we’ve found online that’s awesome and suitable for making Dad’s smile. Father’s day, Christmas, birthdays, whatever- we got you. As long as we’re making Dads happy, then we’re happy.